Fast bus car wash

Highly automated, continuous, and fast cleaning

Multi-color model options:

Tango Red Space Gray Aurora Green

Product description:

The fast bus washing machine can wash up to 40-60 cars per hour with a high degree of automation. Despite the large car washing capabilities, it has a low footprint on the environment. This is why it’s widely used for major bus systems.

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Product advantages
  • Advantage one: excellent design

    PLC automatic computer control system

    High-strength frame structure with electro-phoretic coating

    4 brushes (2 large standing brushes + 2 small standing brushes)

    Car wash liquid rationing system

    Imported foam cotton brush strips which won’t damage car paint

  • Advantage two: reasonable functions

    Fast pass-through cleaning

    Low use costs and high convenience

    High-resolution sensor, PLC control, high safety

    One-button car wash for easy operations

    Energy saving and water saving

    Comes with a fault identification code to easily spot and resolve all technical issues

Technical parameter
Content Parameter Content Parameter
Equipment size 6300*5300*4800(cm) Washing method selection Ordinary liquid washing detergent
Cleaning models Buses, coaches and other vehicles Operation methods Automatic control, manual operation control
Maximum car wash size 3500(H)*2600(W) Washing brushes Imported wear-resistant foam brush strips
Car wash speed 40-60 cars/hour (regular bus) Control system Teda programmable control system
Water consumption 150L (regular bus) Steel coating Paint coating
Equipment electrical capacity 8KW
Car wash process
  • Foam breakdown

  • Pre-flush mode

  • Spray car wash liquid

  • Shaped brushing

  • High-pressure water rinse

  • Spray water wax

  • Shaped blow-drying