Tunnel continuous car wash

Three-stage assembly mode, amazing car wash experience

Multi-color model options:

Tango Red Space Gray Aurora Green

Product description:

The Cleaner tunnel smart car wash machine makes car washing both fast and convenient. Wash up to 60 cars per hour, boost your gas station with this stunning car wash

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Product advantages
  • Advantage one: excellent design

    PLC automatic computer control system

    With galvanized frame structure

    9 brushes (1 top brush + 4 small vertical brushes + 4 large vertical brushes)

    Entrance integrated guide

    High-pressure pre-wash system

    Car wash liquid automatic proportioning system

    Imported foam cotton brush strips that will not damage the car coating

  • Advantage two: many highlights

    Multiple cleaning modes, long brushing time and good cleaning effect

    Low use costs and high efficiency

    High-resolution sensor, PLC control for higher safety

    One-button car wash for easy operations

    High-power volute fan with good drying effect

    Environment-friendly and less noise

    Energy saving and water saving

    Comes with a fault identification code to easily spot and correct all technical issues

Technical parameters
Content Parameters Content Parameters
Equipment size length x width x height (MM) 11150*3800*3050 High-pressure water system Plunger pump
Installation dimensions length x width x height (MM) 12800*3800*3400 Bottom spray One group
Car wash size width x height (MM) 2000*2000 Small stand brushes 4
Input power Three-phase 380V 25KW Dali brush 4
Power consumption About 0.5 degrees/car Top brush 1
Water source 6T water tank DN40 tap water Side blower 2
Water consumption About 155L/car Shaped blowing One group
Air supply 6KG Foam water system One group
Car wash speed 60 cars/hour Wax water system One group
Car wash process
  • Foam breakdown

  • Pre-flush mode

  • Spray car wash liquid

  • Contour brushing

  • High-pressure water rinse

  • Spray water wax

  • Contour blow drying