Automatic car wash

No labor required, three-step washing process

Multi-color model options:

Tango Red Space Gray Aurora Green

Product description:

The car washing machine LTZ1-5DG is a reciprocating car washer developed by Lantian that operates automatically. This device can be equipped with two retractable wheel brushes, which can effectively clean car wheels.

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Product advantages
  • Advantage one: Better design

    PLC automatic computer control system

    With a spray-moulded door frame structure

    Classic 5-brush design (2 skirt brushes + 2 large standing brushes + 1 top brush)

    Powerful air-drying system with 4 fans + fixed air-drying for a better air-drying effect

    Car wash liquid automatic proportioning system

    Voice prompt system

    Imported foam cotton brush strips that won’t damage car coating

  • Advantage two: More highlights

    Unattended system, smart unmanned operations

    Low use costs and high efficiency

    High-resolution sensor, PLC control, high safety

    Easy-to-use automatic matching system

    Strong air-drying system for a pleasing blow-drying effect

    Energy saving and water saving

    Comes with a fault identification code to easily identify and solve all technical issues

Technical parameter
Content Parameter Content Parameter
Equipment size (MM) 3600*3800*2900 Air pressure usage 5KG or more
Installation size(MM) 10500*4300*3200 Car wash objects Car, Jeep, minivan
Car wash size (MM) 5200*2000*2000 Car wash methods Fully-automated computer
Track length(MM) 9500 Top brush 1
Track center dimensions(MM) 3100 Large vertical brush 2
Installation requirements Three-phase four-wire  380V  27KW Skirt brush 2
Car wash process
  • Foam breakdown

  • Pre-flush mode

  • Spray car wash liquid

  • Shaped brushing

  • High-pressure water rinse

  • Spray water wax

  • Shaped blow-drying