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Cleaner has always believed that excellent quality and perfect after-sales service are the foundation of a high-end manufacturing enterprise. Through its 10 years of experience in robots R&D and manufacturing, our company can rely on high-quality after-sales service as well as a professional and dedicated support team. We have all the resources to support our customers and solve all their business-related needs. As long as one of our customers needs our help, our after-sales support team will drive to the location and provide the best service within 24 hours.

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Service Network
After-sales support and maintenance standards
Warranty period: 1 year + N years
Kilometers On-site after-sales service Note
After-sales point≤200KM 8 hours Monthly inspections; proactive after-sales support twice a year;
≥200KM≤500KM 24 hours General after-sales failures, 2 hours response for remote issue resolution, 4 hours for complete resolution;
≥500KM≤1000KM 48 hours If the problem is not resolved within 48 hours, the insured customer will receive 200 yuan/day

* Every car washer is covered by Ping An Insurance

Charge details for off-insurance customers
Manpower service fees Travel expenses Accessories prices Remarks (off-insurance customers)
500/day Inbound fees
See accessories list On-site after-sale time is the same as above

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